SYNERGY Fellowships

About the Dartmouth SYNERGY/Celdara Medical High-Potential Entrepreneurs’ Fellowships (DS-CHEF)

The Program provides experiential learning opportunities to student and post-doctoral researchers affiliated with Dartmouth/SYNERGY through fellowships at Celdara Medical, a local biotechnology company. 

Entrepreneurial skills are highly valued in most high-impact careers, including academia, biotech, healthcare, private practice, investing, and consulting. The Program is a commitment of 1 day/week over a period of 9 months. This is expected to be in addition to the participants’ current responsibilities. The Fellowship is funded ($2,500 plus an hourly stipend) and will expose participants to and develop the gamut of executive skills including critical thinking, persuasion, and judgement by exposure to many of the functions of a small, entrepreneurial organization, including competitive analysis, analytical marketing, regulatory, intellectual property, and even some aspects of legal and finance. Applications will be evaluated by a joint Dartmouth/Celdara Medical committee. The fellowship will begin in the fall of 2018.


  • Senior graduate students (at least 3 y into terminal degree), including MDs and dual degrees (e.g. MD/Ph.D., MD/MBA), as well as post-doctoral researchers.
  • Nomination by PI (if applicable)/Chair (if not)
  • Outstanding record of accomplishment
  • Work Authorization

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter (2 page maximum), a PI nomination, and their CV to no later than August 12, 2019