approach identify

Identify the best ideas to improve human health.

We care about unmet medical needs and rigorous, highly translatable data. While data and need drives decisions, IP, competitive analysis, and regulatory paths are also important factors. The inventor is central, and generally external to CM. As a successful outcome takes 3-5 y, a mutually beneficial (and frankly, enjoyable) relationship is essential. Life’s too short!


approach collaborate

Collaborate with the inventor to determine the best scientific, preclinical, clinical, and regulatory strategies.

Together we define the path to Phase II, then work backwards to the present, identifying activities, roles, milestones, key decision points, and often third party partners who can add value and/or reduce risk of the Program. With a primary focus on significant improvements in human health (as opposed to a focus on maximizing financial benefit), a collaborative culture is in our DNA.


approach seed

Fund the development plan, leveraging non-dilutive sources of capital whenever possible.

We love early stage, change-the-world innovations, even if they appear high risk. And while we certainly invest our own time and money, non-dilutive development funding fundamentally shifts expected returns, enabling us to work on innovations that others would call “too risky” or “too early” and turn them into assets that have the potential to dramatically improve clinical care.


approach develop

Develop the asset and/or the business into the clinical stage.

This is execution, and this is what we do best. The path is never straight, but our team of outstanding scientists is also a team of outstanding risk managers. The inventor is a key member of the team, which is further augmented with external subject matter experts, KOLs, and partners to minimize risk and time-to-IND while maximizing the chance that the asset becomes a valuable clinical candidate. Financial and/or strategic exit partners are engaged as soon as is appropriate.